Yes, many people are… or they believe they are. I spotted a tip that might help you, it definitely helped me. The tip involves making your phone change from colour, to grey-scale. And, for some people, that really helps.

Here’s how to do it.

Go to Settings

Go to Accessibility

Go to Display & Text Size

Choose Colour Filters (which is normally set to off)

Turn it on, and ensure that Greyscale is selected

Go back, and now Colour Filters should be turned on.

Your display will now be grey-scale.

That’s all good, but, the next bit is the powerful part – making it change by a triple click!

Whilst still in the accessibility menu, go to Accessibility Shortcut

Select Colour Filters which will put a tick next to it

Now press the home button to back to the home screen

If you triple click the home button, the display will switch from colour to grey-scale, and another triple click will change it back.

If you’re not sure about this, you can give it a try and reverse the steps to turn it off if it doesn’t suit you

Note: Further instructions and discussion, can be found here.