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Dawn Robinson

Dawn is an author, copywriter, editor, hyperlocal publisher and writing tutor/mentor based in Devon.

She predominantly relies on her right brain – 87.5%. In practice, this makes Dawn purpose-driven, energetic, intuitive, empathetic and creative, a person who likes to get things down – with that nagging 12.5% left-brain self constantly demanding she also gets things right. Perplexingly, Dawn loves grammar, punctuation and spelling and considers herself pretty good at all three.

Author of four recent non-fiction books and in the process of writing another, Dawn is a qualified teacher with heaps of experience working with adults and five degrees to her name. She is also a confirmed reader. However, she thoroughly detests housework and is pretty rubbish at understanding all things IT.

Dawn and Rob both spend time on the Bude hyper-local site, Bude and Beyond.

Dawn also maintains her site.

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Rob Wilcox

Rob is an IT dude, living and working in Stratton, Cornwall.

He is a logical kind of guy who loves digging into technical problems and finding a solution to the near-impossible.

Rob has worked remotely for a firm in Switzerland for more than 7 years, and loves to read and spend time in the garden. He doesn’t like random emails that make no sense whatsoever, they’re usually from Dawn, and eventually they make sense!

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